Below is a brief chronological history of the Sulphur River Basin Authority:

  • The Sulphur River Basin Authority was established by the Texas Legislature in June of 1985. The Board of Directors held its first meeting in November of 1985 at the Mt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. Since then, the Board has met regularly to conduct the business of the Authority.
  • In May 1992, the Authority contracted with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (now the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) to conduct Clean Rivers Program activities in the basin.
  • The Sulphur River Basin Feasibility Study was authorized by a resolution adopted by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, United States House of Representatives, adopted March 11, 1998.
  • The Authority hired its first administrative staff in September 2000.
  • The Authority opened its first permanent offices in Wake Village, Texas in July 2002.
  • In response to the Mar 11, 1998 study authority for the Sulphur River Basin Feasibility Study, the Corps of Engineers conducted a Reconnaissance Study in 2004 and concluded that there was potential Federal Interest in pursuing one or more projects. A Feasibility Study Cost-sharing Agreement between the Corps of Engineers and the Sulphur River Basin Authority for the Sulphur River Basin Feasibility Study was executed in February 2005. However, due to the lack of Federal study funds, work pursued under this agreement was limited.
  • A modification to the original Feasibility Cost Share Agreement for the for the Sulphur River Basin Feasibility Study was executed on 3 April 2012 allowing the accelerated use of non-Federal funds in order to move the study forward.
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The Sulphur River Basin is in the northeast corner of Texas. The basin includes all or part of Fannin, Hunt, Lamar, Hopkins, Red River, Franklin, Titus, Morris, Bowie, Cass and Delta counties.

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