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The Sulphur River Basin Authority (SRBA) is a conservation and reclamation district of the state of Texas. It was created pursuant to Article XVI, Section 59, of the Texas Constitution.

The authority is composed of the territory in each county in Texas, other than Fannin County, that is located in whole or in part within the watershed of the Sulphur River. Included are the counties of Bowie, Red River, Cass, Franklin, Hunt, Morris, Titus, Delta, Hopkins, and Lamar.

The purpose of the Sulphur River Basin Authority is to provide for the conservation and development of the state’s natural resources within the basin of the Sulphur River. Planning and understanding the current and future needs within and outside of the basin. To support and provide for those needs to the best of SRBA’s ability.

Capabilities include:

  1. The control, storage, preservation, and distribution of the state’s water for domestic and municipal uses, industrial uses, irrigation, mining and recovery of minerals, stock raising, underground water recharge, electric power generation, navigation, recreation and pleasure, and other beneficial uses and purposes;
  2. The reclamation and irrigation of land needing irrigation;
  3. The reclamation and drainage of overflowed land and other land needing drainage;
  4. The maintenance and enhancement of the quality of the water;
  5. The conservation and development of the forests, water, and hydroelectric power;
  6. The navigation of inland water; and
  7. The provision of systems, facilities, and procedures for the collection, transportation, handling, treatment, and disposal of waste of all types.

Meetings of the Board shall be at such place within or without the State of Texas as shall be determined by the Board from time to time. Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the annual meeting of the Board shall be held on the 3rd Tuesday of March of each year. Upcoming meetings are posted as required by the State of Texas. You can also visit SRBA’s website ( for dates, location and time of an upcoming meeting.

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The Sulphur River Basin is in the northeast corner of Texas. The basin includes all or part of Fannin, Hunt, Lamar, Hopkins, Red River, Franklin, Titus, Morris, Bowie, Cass and Delta counties.

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