1:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Michael Sandefur, President

                 Wally Kraft, Vice President

                 Katie Stedman, Vice President

                 Bret McCoy, Vice President

                 Brad Drake

                 Michael Russell

STAFF:      Nancy Rose, Secretary/Treasurer

                 John Jarvis, Consultant

ABSENT:   Patricia Wommack

VISITORS:  See Attachment

ITEM# 1: Meeting called to order at 1:00 P.M.:

Michael Sandefur, President called the meeting to order at 1:04 P.M.

He welcomed and thanked everyone in attendance.

ITEM# 2: Invocation:

The Invocation was given by Wally Kraft.

ITEM# 3: Announcements from the Board of Directors and/or Staff:

Michael Sandefur stated that the next monthly meeting will be held on

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 1:00 P.M. in the Gold Room of the Civic Center.

ITEM# 4: The Board of Directors will now go into a Workshop for the “Strategic Planning”

with Mr. James Henry Russell, President of Texarkana College.

Michael Sandefur stated that there would not be any Decisions made today. He stated that this is just the start of the planning so, we will all do some brain storming.

He stated that we need to all be on the same page for the future of Sulphur basin.

Michael Sandefur introduced Mr. James Henry Russell, President and explained why he had asked Mr. Russell to help lead the “Strategic Planning” Program.

He stated that Mr. Russell had helped to get the “Strategic Planning” Program done for the Texarkana College. Michael Sandefur stated that he worked with Mr. Russell on

the “Strategic Planning” program for the Texarkana College. He stated that it is a good program so, he felt that Mr. Russell could help get SRBA on the right track for the “Strategic Planning” Program.

Mr. James Henry Russell stated that he has been the President of Texarkana College for five years. He asked that everyone introduce themselves.

He stated that in a month or two we will see where we are. He stated that today we just want to have a real sense of openness.

He stated the following guidelines:                                                                                                           (1). Success doesn’t just happen.                                                                                                                      (2). Everyone is Somebody.                                                                                                                                   (3). Programs involves Risk…we need to step off first base.

(4). What gets measured gets improved.                                                                                                           (5). Leadership would be easy if it wasn’t for people.

(6). Goals–Confront the brutal facts.                                                                                                                        (7).  Hard working & honest mistakes– Learn from your mistakes– Don’t blame others.

He stated that “Strategic Planning” is small steps to achievement.  He stated that great tasks are accomplished with great difficulty and great tasks make stronger relationships.

It will take all of us working together to accomplish what is important.

Mr. Russell stated that we do not want to look too far ahead, we just need to look for a

year or two plan at first.  SRBA need a mission and measurable goals.  A draft mission statement, taken from other river authorities in Texas, was presented as a starting place for consideration:

“Our mission is to manage, conserve, develop and protect the natural resources of the Sulphur River Basin in a responsible and cooperative manner that provides opportunities for growth and benefits in the region and to the public”.

There were lots of open discussion regarding belief statements and goals with SRBA Board of Directors and Stakeholders from Region D, JCPD, Riverbend Water Resources District, City of Texarkana, Texas, Ward Timber, and Northeast Texas Municipal Water District along with other stakeholders and Mr. James Henry Russell.

Preliminary belief statements were ultimately summarized into 5 key words:






At the end of the meeting there was general consensus that “Sedimentation” should likely be a top Priority, as well as rebuilding trust and with working together with local entities.  

The next step will be approving belief statements centered around the key words, and then to develop goals supporting each of the belief statements.


There were none since everyone was involved in the open discussion of the meeting.

Michael Sandefur stated that he felt this meeting was a good start.

He thanked Chris Brown, Executive Director of the Ark-Tex Council of Government and

Judge Bobby Lockhart of Bowie & Red River County for taking the time to attend today.

He also thanked Bart Brock, Office of State Representative Gary VanDeaver for his


Michael Sandefur gave a status report on the JCPD Meeting that he, John Jarvis and Nancy Rose attended on August 19, 2016 in regards to the SRBA Budget and studies.  Due to their desire to comply with sunset recommendations for independent funding, JCPD declined the SRBA request to retain unspent 2016 operating funds to use in the 2017 budget cycle.  Woody Frossard did recommend and JCPD approved an additional $40,000 for the SBG engineers.

Sandy Cash stated that he thanks and welcomes the leadership of Michael Sandefur for

SRBA Board of Directors.


A motion was made by Michael Russell and seconded by Brad Drake to Adjourn.

The motion carried with all members present voting AYE.